Moment Marketing: What Is It and How You Can Leverage it in 2021?

Moment marketing is the current buzzword that has entirely changed the traditional marketing approach.

Today’s modern digital approach has fostered moment marketing into a critical tool, making its presence felt via almost all trending marketing campaigns.

So, what is moment marketing, and how can brands leverage it in 2021?

Read ahead to find out!

What is moment marketing?

As the name suggests, moment marketing involves taking advantage of trending and ongoing events, thereby curating communications and marketing campaigns around the said events.

Brands invest in moment marketing for being a part of trending and ongoing conversations bringing relevance in their marketing strategies, and connecting better with the audiences.

Moment marketing involves businesses and brands being proactive by incorporating their products and service offerings in the latest events and trends for connecting online and offline audiences.

What makes moment marketing work?

Two primary things make this marketing type work:

a.Modern customers are already involved in the 24/7 news cycle, constantly updating themselves and staying relevant.

 All thanks to the availability of rich and excessive content over the internet.

b.With moment marketing, brands can form deeper connections with their target audience, making their product/service offerings more relevant.

Now that we know what moment marketing is, let’s find out how brands can leverage this marketing trend in 2021

  • Connect Your Brand With Trending Pop Culture and Events

Get your brand to hop on board with trending pop culture and events that help increase brand visibility and awareness. The audience relates to pop culture because of its emotional appeal and capturing their beliefs and actions in their daily lives. Marketers must focus on leveraging and capitalising on the audience’s obsession with trending TV shows, sports and fashion, along with other trending topics that impact their daily lives.

  1. Use Humour

Creativity and humour is the heart and soul of moment marketing. It is all about making people laugh and enjoy, making your brand memorable.

Marketers must draw the fine line between clever & clean humour and offensive content.

Marketers must avoid including offensive content that can evoke negative emotions, as this can hamper brand popularity and awareness.

Focus on creating clean and humorous moment marketing campaigns that will help leverage brand value.


  1. Seize The Moment

Digital marketers must never forget what their brand represents. The modern audience is sharp and can quickly catch when brands try too hard to capture the moment.

It is safe to revolve your marketing campaigns around memes, sporting events, tv shows, etc. and avoid incorporating political trends or sensitive events into your campaigns as this can hurt audience sentiments.

When leveraging moment marketing, it is crucial to place the customers’ needs at the centre of the moment marketing campaign

  1. Make Your Product The Centre Of Your Campaigns

Never forget that the marketing message you aim at communicating to your audience must centre around your brand’s product/service.

After all, every brand’s ultimate marketing goal is to create brand awareness that optimises sales and brand revenue.

No matter which “moment” you pen your marketing campaigns on, ensure that they are product-centric, make your target audience aware of the products, and stir the desire to invest in them.

Via moment marketing campaigns, brands can involve their products and services in the daily conversations of their target customers, shaping their preferences.


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