Social Media Marketing

social media marketing for startups

As a social media marketing agency for startups we understand that social media marketing for startups isn’t easy. As a startup, a company is always bootstrapped and its important to figure out the right investment path in terms of marketing. Social media often is used only for branding and community management purposes as the sales via social media are always trumped via Google Ads or Programmatic marketing. However, social media can make or break a brand in the long run therefore judicious investment in social platform to build a large community/family of brand enthusiasts is of the utmost importance. Social media marketing for startups:

  • Community of loyal followers
  • Repeat and Long Term Customers
  • Authenticity Proof for new customers
  • Increased Profitability
  • Re-Marketing Lists
  • Customer servicing platform
  • Branding, Branding & Branding

Growth Marketing For Startups

Follower Growth

The most important thing for startups is to have a large, loyal and authoritative social media following. We work on building a large following for your brand from the get go!

User Generated Content

Follower growth without engagement means nothing. Therefore we work very hard on making sure your followers are engaging regularly with your brand on social media.

Optimized Ad Spends

No matter how much you hate it, you can’t survive without spending on social media. What’s important is to make sure you don’t spend too much. We have certified social media marketing experts who work tirelessly to optimize your social spends.

SEO Support

Social media counts as a very important signal to affect your search engine presence. We understand social media and SEO go hand in hand and we make sure to optimize both in tandem.

Brand & Product Showcase

Your social media presence is a very important place to showcase your products/services. A well branded beautiful looking social presence can affect both customer loyalty and revenues of a brand. We ensure that your social presence always looks like spring!!!

New Media & Virality

In the new age, the traditional social platforms are passe and the new age media platforms like TikTok and SnapChat are IN. We understand the merging trends and make sure your brand is optimized for them.

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We have fashionistas on our social marketing team and its difficult to hold them back. Help!!


We’ve grown multiple FMCG startups and they’re all too busy swimming in money at the moment.

Consumer Electronics

We have tech geeks just waiting to help you achieve that top line goal. They can fix your electronics for you too, let us know!

Consumer Services

If you’re a consumer services startup with no idea what to do with your social presence, then we’re here to help!

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