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Deer Duck Bistro
The task was simple, to launch a fine dining restaurant in Brisbane, Australia and market its launch to generate interest and garner an audience for the opening day.

The strategy vastly improved the restaurant’s planning and execution functions, they knew that in order to succeed in this era of highly demanding restaurant goers, their marketing strategy needed to be much more robust than what was at hand. They turned to the Digital Devil’s Advocate to improve their marketing efforts.


The biggest challenge was that the restaurant already had an existing brand name. It had been bought by our client who wanted to turn it into a fine dining establishment and his biggest worry was whether to go along with the same brand or to change it to suit his needs. The launch was also purely digital on a limited budget. Live data was also not available and decisions can only be made after all the required data and been received. This was holding our client back; they knew they could corner more of the market if they had a USP differentiating themselves from the current brand and if they could do it on a very low budget. Our work addressed three critical issues for the restaurant.:

  • Brand Name:

    The location of the restaurant, previously had another branded restaurant running a similar business. This was a major conflict as this would cause a cognitive dissonance in the minds of the customers.

  • USP:

    With hundreds of restaurants in the market, this restaurant needed a proper differentiating factor in order to have an edge over its competition. Using AR technology, I made sure that they had it.

  • Marketing Campaign optimized for maximum reach:

    The effort required reaching 100s of customers on a tight budget. Not only that but to also make sure these customers converted, therefore the platforms leveraged needed to be the most effective, given the lack of resources.


The restaurant’s service offering was made more appealing by using Augmented Reality marketing techniques. This also provided a USP for both brand and promotional campaign.

Opening night registrations were driven by engaging customers with AR marketing collateral and driving contest registrations resulting in reserved seating at restaurants on launch day.


All three of the challenges were met with one simple solution which successfully drove the restaurant’s registrations to full capacity on launch date. The restaurant continues to flourish based on the initial momentum it garnered due to the launch campaign.

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Will definitely recommend the Digital Devil’s Advocate. Very good Knowledge of current marketing trends and social media. Even went out of their way to help. Very professional and communicative. Will keep in touch and seek more advise in future.

Harry Kumar
Owner, Deer Duck Bistro

I am very impressed by these guys, I reached out asking for guidance on our marketing efforts that went beyond the scope of their standard services. Received prompt communication from them throughout, they were thoughtful and produced a practical report that will guide our efforts in the future. Highly Recommended!!

Tom Elliot
Marketing Manager, iDeaUSA

They are clearly passionate about helping people achieve their marketing and business goals. They have an ability to stand back and look at the big picture, grasp the desired intention, then zero in on the foundational pieces that must be put in place before anything else will work. I was trying to say too much. They helped me to declutter by separating my content into two distinctive websites.

Tana Plewes
Founder & CEO, Possibility - Discovery Centre For Entrepreneurship

My engagement with Digital Devil’s Advocate has been superb. I had some challenges in creating a Digital Marketing strategy and met people who offered limited or fragmented advise specific to their own skill sets. I was looking for consulting across various channels & platforms with some data driven conclusions. The team created a report for me in a short time and was able to give me a very good overview how we can position ourselves in the market. What I particularly liked is that the advice was completely data driven , specific to our needs and across channels. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs assistance in the areas of Industry research and positioning in the digital world.

Mr. Vikram Seth
CEO, Software@Work

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