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Being able to raise funds is a challenge that NGOs face every day. The client came to us wondering if digital marketing could some how help them improve their funding efforts and maybe get more value out of a digital campaign.

Raising funds isn’t an easy task. People aren’t willing to let go of their money easily unless they see something specific they are willing to donate for. Playing on emotions also doesn’t help anymore. Of all the innovative advances in online fundraising over the past decade, one of the most impressive has to be the rise of crowd-funding websites. However it is important to understand which crowd funding sites will actually help and where the effort won’t be wasted. The following were the challenges:

  • Which crowdfunding platforms to use:

    Some of these sites, like, CauseVox, DoJiggy’s Pledge software and Fundly were set up specifically to help non-profits raise money to support their causes.  Others, like Kickstarter and indiegogo, aren’t non-profit specific but have been used by charities to raise money to support their mission.

  • Which social sharing platforms to use:

    There are multiple social media platforms out there, which ones would be most effective for a NGO crowd funding campaign? This depends a lot on the kind of target audience and the kind of advertising budget involved.

  • What reward to give in return for  a donation:

    Now-a-days people will not donate just for charity, people need a social incentive in order for them to donate. Therefore a social acknowledgement process needed to be put in place.

Client was counselled on the pros and cons of the use of various websites. Final website recommendations were made keeping in mind the following:

  • Social platform Integration
  • Average Traffic or Community Size
  • What niche the websit tailors to
  • How flexible is page creation on the website
  • What the entry fee is
  • How easy it is to process incoming payments

A social acknowledgement badge was created to be given to everyone who donated as part of a reward program.

Campaign successfully reached funding goals within the given time period involved.

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Will definitely recommend the Digital Devil’s Advocate. Very good Knowledge of current marketing trends and social media. Even went out of their way to help. Very professional and communicative. Will keep in touch and seek more advise in future.

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They are clearly passionate about helping people achieve their marketing and business goals. They have an ability to stand back and look at the big picture, grasp the desired intention, then zero in on the foundational pieces that must be put in place before anything else will work. I was trying to say too much. They helped me to declutter by separating my content into two distinctive websites.

Tana Plewes
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My engagement with Digital Devil’s Advocate has been superb. I had some challenges in creating a Digital Marketing strategy and met people who offered limited or fragmented advise specific to their own skill sets. I was looking for consulting across various channels & platforms with some data driven conclusions. The team created a report for me in a short time and was able to give me a very good overview how we can position ourselves in the market. What I particularly liked is that the advice was completely data driven , specific to our needs and across channels. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs assistance in the areas of Industry research and positioning in the digital world.

Mr. Vikram Seth
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