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Basketball Coaching Facility in Oklahoma had a major lack of brand awareness even though it had a lot of customers.

It was apparent from an online audit of the brand presence that there were no efforts made to actively advertise the facility online. In today’s day and age, a business cannot function without advertising its presence. However, you need to know how to advertise and what to advertise in order to effective conversions.


The biggest challenge here was to develop brand equity. Why would customers register with this training facility as opposed to a facility of their own recognition. Oklahoma is a known basketball fanatic state, training facilities are a dime a dozen. Therefore the focus was on the following:

  • Brand Campaign to develop equity:

    We needed to give the customers something to associate the brand with, something to relate to in order to invoke purchase intent. Given the emotional connection shared between the audience with basketball, an emotion led campaign was in the offing.

  • Determining the right platforms to leverage:

    When it comes to digital marketing there are 100s of platforms to chose from. How do you know which ones are the most effective to suit your particular needs?

  • Managing expectations:

    When it comes to branding exercises the biggest concern is managing the expectations of clients in order for them to make informed decisions. It is imperative that they understand the fact that brand recall is directly proportional to number of digital impressions and time spent in making those impressions.


A 12 month long brand exercise was developed and is  being implemented in addition to a revamp of online presence (Website, social et al).

The campaign was divided into Buzz generation, Event and post event followup marketing. Each period was of 4 months each.


The campaign is in pre-buzz stage and is getting lots of attention both online and offline. Event stage is being prepped while the after event followup stage is being actively discussed with the client.

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