Marketing Strategy

This service is ideal for those looking to start a new business or those who aren’t getting the results they were expecting from their existing strategy. This is a complete audit and possible overhaul of your current marketing or digital marketing efforts. Details about this service can be found in the “Services” section. This service is comprehensive and includes all other services (Social Media & Digital Analytics):

  1. A complete audit of your online brand presence and suggestions to convert it into a high equity entity. In some cases where your back-end data might not be enough, proprietry software installation is suggested and data is measured after a significant time period after the installation. If you don’t have a website or a brand online and are just beginning your business online, we help set this up with a proper structured approach to marketing.
  2. A complete audit of all your marketing campaigns till now in order to leverage the data to suggest the most efficient strategy going forward. With this information in hand you will never be blindly putting money into any kind of marketing promotion, will reduce wastage significantly and will increase ROI substantially as well, as a direct result of it. If you are a new business we suggest the best kind of campaigns to run and implement them as well, if needed.
  3. A complete audit of your social channels in order to suggest any improvements necessary to increase traffic from your social assets. This also includes re-structuring suggestions of social channels if needed. If you don’t have any social channels then suggestions to set up new ones are also included.
  4. This service includes search engine optimization (SEO)

Social Media Strategy

This service is ideal for those looking to re-structure their current social presence or for new business who are looking to start with only social media promotion, for now, to increase brand awareness. Details abour this digital marketing  service can be found in the “services” section of our website. This service includes:

  1. A complete audit of your brand’s social media presence and suggestions to either improve upon it or completely re-structure it. For new businesses, appropriate social channels will be suggested and monitored during their nascent stages.
  2. An audit of the social competitive landscape your brand is operating in and suggestions to counter or flank the competition for maximum effect to your brand’s awareness, equity and for maximum ROI.
  3. This service also includes the digital analytics service that we offer.

Digital Analytics

This service is a specialised offering, ideal for the real smart marketers who are looking to leverage specific insights that their data can provide but aren’t aware of how to go about doing so. A data backed approach to digital marketing is the most efficient way to structure your overall marketing efforts. People aren’t aware of the expanse of knowledge that they are missing out on by just ignoring the data that they are capturing on a daily basis. A detailed explanation of this services can be found in the “Services” section of our website. This service includes:

  1. Statistical analysis of your digital data to derive meaningful and actionable insights which you can leverage to improve the current state of your brand or business.
  2. Introduction to and installation of, tools for measurement and consistent monitoring of your digital data.
  3. A complete audit of your competitor’s digital data stream to derive meaningful, actionable insight which you can leverage to adjust your position in the current competitive landscape within your industry.